Mission and values

The pillars of our corporate culture


SSD supports and assists the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec in achieving its objectives. SSD’s mission also involves offering cost-effective services to members that:

  • strengthen the professional autonomy of dentists;
  • protect the financial interests of dentists in dealings with third party payers;
  • provide technological solutions adapted to the needs of dental offices;
  • make it easier to comply with the various current and future standards and requirements that dentists must meet;
  • improve the administrative efficiency of clinic management.



Respect is the cornerstone of SSD’s philosophy. When employees feel respected, they develop a sense of belonging and pride in their work. Respect is the result of transparency on the part of management, regular meetings and a healthy workplace.



We are meticulous, thorough and professional in everything we do so that we can offer superior service to all our clients.


Collaboration and teamwork

We favour a collaborative approach that creates synergy within our team. The result is a healthy and dynamic working environment that fosters teamwork. This cohesion makes everyone’s work easier and more fulfilling. Combined with our wide-ranging expertise, it enables us to provide our members with the best possible service.


Initiative is a key value that allows us to constantly strive to do better. All SSD employees are invited to suggest and organize new ways of doing things. We encourage employees to be proactive and resourceful.



SSD has adopted an open door policy so that information can be exchanged freely and directly. Managers are encouraged to openly discuss the way we do business and always be transparent in their dealings. This is facilitated by the simplicity of our management hierarchy. The management team is always approachable and information is shared freely.