New technologies
serving your practice

Net+ ACDQ is a private network specially designed for dentists.

It lets you integrate new technologies in your office through a Web portal.

  • Modernize your office
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Free and easy installation by your installer
  • Free technical support

Created in 2009, Net+ ACDQ remains relevant today. In addition, it allows a direct link in every dental office, with dentists and staff. Above all, it remains a product with a global vision that stands out, through all the services offered perfectly adapted to dental practices. Almost 90% of dental offices across Quebec have already subscribed to Net+ ACDQ. Net+ ACDQ offers a range of integrated and personalized services. Because there is just one provider, dentists have only one number to dial to access high-quality service and technical support.

Do you want to become a participating dentist?

Do what most dentists have already done and join the large Net+ ACDQ family!

Je veux m'abonner à Net+ ACDQ

Why Net+ ACDQ?

Constant innovation and new technologies have forced dental offices to acquire better-performing, more efficient management solutions. As a result, NetACDQ was launched in 2009 to better support dental offices.

Due to the nature of the activities carried out in dental offices, certain rules must be strictly observed, such as those specified in the Code of Ethics and the Act respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector. In fact, Net+ ACDQ was created so that dentists could securely store confidential information and communications in their offices, in keeping with their professional obligations.

Net+ ACDQ is a private communication and data transmission network. It is a form of Intranet that allows dental offices to exchange information electronically.

Net+ ACDQ’s strategic vision
In order to meet both the needs of its members and dental practice requirements, the ACDQ decided to create and offer a new service called NetACDQ to its members. This new communication platform promotes the integration and development of new technologies in dental offices.

RxVigilance:  the software for prescription drugs and their interactions with other drugs!

Net+ ACDQ offers its members, RxVigilance, a software package developed in Quebec and used by many health organizations which must ensure that medications prescribed to patients meet their needs and do not trigger allergies or cause adverse effects in interaction with other drugs. It allows you to quickly find a range of vital information about a prescription drug, such as cross-allergies, side effects, interactions with other medications, etc. You can also create a profile for your patients and analyze it with RxVigilance.

Therefore, without interrupting your clinical work or patient care, you can quickly and securely find crucial information which is updated monthly.